Friday, 02 June 2023

Fowler: Those who criticize don't know the whole story

I am Christine Fowler, Charles Fowler's ex-wife Sara Fowler's stepmom.

I read some of the e-mails sent in response to your article regarding the illegal dumping on the Fowler property. I cannot let people criticize Sara for not stepping up sooner to help her father. He is and always has been a difficult man to deal with. His philosophy in life since I have known him for 17 plus years has been, "Do it my way and then ask forgiveness," especially when it comes to dealing with rules and regulations.

It is easy to criticize or be judgmental when you are only looking at the situation through the keyhole into a room and you do not see the whole room. Sara is doing the very best she can for a man who does not appreciate her efforts. She has already put a lot of her own money into trying to save the property so her father will be able to remain on the land which has been in his family for five generations.

Sara has worked very hard to make a successful life for herself and two sons as a single mother and I feel that she is putting it at risk in trying to help her father. Not all fathers deserve to be rescued by their children. To those who say she should have become involved to help sooner, her father would not admit he needed help until he had created such a mess he could no longer ignore it (i.e., foreclosures on his property).

Also, for those who are so naive to think that there is help out there, please wake up. The only help are fines and liens on the property.

Sara did not create this mess and she is doing her best to deal with it. As we all know ... it takes money ... so, for those who wish to criticize Sara, please take out your checkbook and put your money where you mouth is.


Yes, I am the ex-wife, but remember, you are only looking through the keyhole and do not see the whole picture. So, if you can 't say something nice, don't say it at all or write a check.


Thank you.

Christine Fowler lives in Lakeport.


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