Morgan: Speak out on Securitas

I am pleased to report that the State Attorney General's Office has responded to a complaint I filed regarding the cosmetic security operation at The Geysers.

In particular, the complaint centers upon how the Securitas Security Services USA Inc. operates within the geothermal region. The situation demonstrates such a high level of incompetence it is hard to fathom.

While this situation should have been eradicated a long time ago, it is refreshing after nearly two years of campaigning to get the attention of government authorities. This comes more than a year after the Fox News Channel visited Middletown for its annual western festival. Unfortunately, correspondent Adam Housley did not bring a camera crew with him when he came to visit. Otherwise, the embarrassing security operation at The Geysers might have ended up on worldwide television and possibly led to the immediate dismissal of Securitas.

According to the Attorney General Office's letter, my complaint has been forwarded to the Energy and Corporate Responsibility Section. This section uses complaints to develop information about patterns or practices of employer misconduct that might indicate the need for a formal investigation or law enforcement action by their office.

Once the pattern is discovered, what originated as a private dispute may become a matter of broad public interest and thus warrant the Attorney General's intervention under state and federal laws. When his office files legal action, it is done on behalf of the collective legal interests of the people and is primarily directed at ending ongoing legal activity.

What is needed at this point is more letters going to the Attorney General from people who are opposed to cosmetic security at The Geysers. Of course, it helps to have some degree of credibility when writing a letter of complaint.

So, I encourage folks to drive up Socrates Mine Road, off Highway 175 until you get to Post 3 and look around. Ask the guard on duty such things as: Why is there such a big gap in the gate bars? (I doubt anyone cares.) Was that power line actually installed by a Calpine maintenance crew to the telephone pole for no other reason than to attach a buzz zapper? (Yes, it was. I was there during installation.)

Does Securitas actually monitor traffic within The Geysers' two-county area with just ONE vehicle a radar-equipped personal vehicle? (Yes, it is installed in the personal vehicle of the security supervisor.) Does Securitas purposely NOT have a back-up clearance authorization plan of its own to assist Calpine's independent contractors who come to work within The Geysers? (Yes, it does because such work would take away from Securitas' other revenue-generating activities OUTSIDE The Geysers.)

If you are opposed to a security operation being used moreso to lower the liability insurance rates of a corporation than providing comprehensive security, I encourage you to let your outrage be known.

Here is the address:

Edmund G. Brown, Jr.

Attorney General

Public Inquiry Unit

P.O. Box 944255

Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

The people of Lake and Sonoma County certainly deserve better than what Securitas delivers.

Lamar Morgan lives in Hidden Valley Lake. He formerly worked in security at Calpine.