Tuesday, 09 August 2022

St. Clair: Fryed Brothers not linked to Hells Angels

As for the article written on the Clearlake bike run this past weekend, I was appalled at the way it was written in the statement that "The Fryed Brothers, and its connections to outlaw motorcycle gangs" is a joke! Why can't these bike clubs ever get a break?

First of all, I don't think riding on a Harley-Davidson with people you call brothers or sisters in a club constitutes being a gang member, or because they stand up for one other as family should be as the same ..."A gang member." These clubs ride in a pack with honor, respect and class! I know of many different members (men and women) from different clubs and I have not ever been disrespected by any: "Give Respect you Receive Respect"!

But, because they demand the respect it's all about bikers are bad boys and they're gangs? What kind of nonsense is that? Granted there are those ones that may not be as such but for the most part? C'mon thats part of life! The good with the bad. They're what family's in society should be!!! They like to party and have fun, so what.

Well, I wasn't at this event but, if everybody would stop labeling one another and acting like or pre-meditating in their heads that there would be trouble they may of not had the problems they did this weekend. Having hand in promotions Walt Gray's Make-A-Wish ride and rally in 2006, 4,500 bikers from many clubs and it was a complete success and not a problem one! Everyone had a great time and law enforcement did a great job. Each vendor, club, organizer and organization did their part.

I have helped put a few events together and it takes months in planning and preparation, and if again ... Everybody does their part you have a successful turnout! Sounds to me from this article law enforcement did not do their part, they were expecting trouble so they treated these clubs as such. Granted they have a very dangerous job, problems do occur, they have to be armed and ready for anything at anytime, that's an everyday thing for them.

Don't take the whole event away, or confuse clubs and gangs as one ... as for The Fryed Brothers ... a Biker Gang? Never hear such a thing. The Best and Baddest Biker "Band" ever! Not a GANG!! Ask Willie Nelson. So, to link them to being gang members or call them as such is a disrespect in my opinion. Mine may not matter to any of you or any others but they have to be the nicest group of people I've met. The talent that these men put out on stage is nothing more than a gift.

I hope for the clubs and people not part of one you will continue to have this event, and have a good time. Good luck!

Angel St. Clair lives in Sacramento.


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