Ashley: The ramifications of poor decision making


Clearlake's biggest problem is the algae, period.

If the quality of the water was good people would flock to our city as they did in the past. If it wasn't for the dirty looking lake, big money would build beautiful resorts here.

Another major problem is the lack of the police not enforcing the laws. They say that they can't because they are understaffed, but they didn't do any better of a job when they had a larger force. They have always got an excuse for not getting the job done.

When nice folks come to this city and see someone driving up and down the street blasting their music and see litter and graffiti, they're gone, and they let other people know this is a low class place, stay away.

The dirty looking, stinky lake is the big killer, it's a shame that such a beautiful area is not one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state.

The reason our city, state and the whole country has failed is, ineffective and just plain lousy liberal government that has created a welfare state. They throw billions away on illegal aliens and human tick scumbags that suck our resources dry.

They have made us all suffer the ramifications of their poor decision making, and things just keep getting worse.

Tim Ashley lives in Clearlake, Calif.