Elliott: Clearing up a misconception


There is a misconception that unions are still like the days of Jimmy Hoffa. The truth is, that Service Employees International Union (SEIU)/California United Homecare Workers (CUHW), is not. I have been involved with this union for some time now and have seen firsthand the caring people who are involved and most of them have been subjected to this misconception because of the large corporations and politicians that play their hands to make it seem that way, that all unions are "bullies."

SEIU/CUHW is a "No Strike, No Lockout" union, which means that they don't really have the same powers that most unions have. They have to rely on the good sense and morality of the counties that administer the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program, and try to compromise on every situation, knowing full well that they are representing, not just the IHSS providers, but the consumers as well, and need to provide various protections to those people, especially when it comes to "freedom of choice."

This union worked and is still working in conjunction with the consumers, to find ways to help them live better lives and protect them as well. I know, in fact, that this union has tried many ways to come up with ideas for a compromise here in Lake County, but instead was rejected over and over. They are then being subjected to the conception that the union is here to "bully" this county.

The fact is, our county Board of Supervisors has been bullying the union, knowing full well that the union doesn't have the same powers as any other union and can only ask for the county to help represent the program in an ethical, moral, and professional manner.

The recent history of our board has shown the people in Lake County that they do not represent us and the people in Denise Rushing's district proved that, by electing her into office, thereby replacing someone who didn't want to support the community.

The remaining board members should take a long look at themselves and consider their constituents and know that they have the power the vote either for them, or against them, and they'd better do it soon, or the reality of a recall could be a rude awakening.


Laurel Elliott is an IHSS care provider. She lives in Nice.