Gardner: Better solutions than a recall


Having spent 10 years as a practicing local physician and having served six years on the Lucerne Alpine Senior Center's Board, I have seen the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) issue from various perspectives. Whereas most workers are dedicated and professional, there is an occasional person who is chemically addicted and predatory. Pilots must pass a background check and drug tests to safely transport other people. IHSS workers are also responsible for the lives and safety of people and there needs to be a way to weed out those workers who can be dangerous and exploitive. The workers who have diseases such as addiction need to be screened and treated, and our elderly and infirmed need to be kept safe.

I like our Lake County supervisors. I do not agree with every one of their decisions, but I do respect each one as an individual. I do not want to see our local quality of life disrupted by a recall or have dollars wasted on the recall process. I also do not want my elected representatives replaced by candidates selected by a union group. My suggestion is for both sides to negotiate, talk, explain, listen, educate, get a mediator, hire a facilitator, compromise or just pray for a solution, but do not waste our time and resources on a recall.

Dr. Bob Gardner