Elliott: Devotion should be rewarded


I have talked to many other care givers from all over the nation, and almost to a man, every one of them goes above and beyond what work they get paid to do. These are caring individuals who take their jobs seriously. This type of devotion should be rewarded.


I heard from David Smith today and he read an excerpt from the Lake County Record-Bee about an opinion sent in for their editor's column where the comment is made that Supervisors Farrington and Brown are doing their jobs and that the California union president should "stay in Los Angeles and beat his chest" [paraphrase].

I feel that this is a strong racial comment and it makes me wonder if maybe Supervisors Farrington and Brown feel the same way. Were I in their districts, I would not vote for them, as this comment is, I feel, a racial slur. I wonder if the residents in Lake County want supervisors that they believe feel that way?


Laurel Elliott is an In-Home Supportive Services care provider who lives in Nice.