Watkins: Taking on the 'no pain for murder' commandment.


U.S. district court judge Jeremy Fogel put the brakes on executions in California in February 2006. He interpreted the law to say convicted murderer Michael Morales shouldn’t experience pain when executed by lethal injection. This is no joke! Morales brutally beat a teenager to death with a claw hammer! Fogel and the law, however, are worried about his pain. Unfortunately, Fogel isn’t the only judge that strictly follows the “no pain for murder” commandment.

Why shouldn’t murderers suffer when they die, some people ask? Murder victims suffer when their lives are taken. Family members of murder victims suffer the rest of their lives. For 400 years, convicted American killers experienced pain when they were executed by hanging, firing squads, electric chairs and gas chambers. Regrettably, times have changed.

Where do Fogel and other magistrates get their crazy no-pain-for-the-guilty dogma? Nobody knows, for sure. Some say they attend that new “Godless Church of Liberalism and Conformity” that’s all the rage. It’s the liberal mullahs in that sect who teach followers they must execute murderers with out pain if they want to be righteous. Many dim witted disciples believe and convert to this wacky doctrine. It’s more trendy every day, especially in California.

Unfortunately, the same liberal justices don’t apply their no pain doctrine to unborn babies who’re killed in abortion clinics. Unborn babies are innocent. Their screams are silent but everyone knows the excruciating pain they experience when they die.

It’s quite clear, Fogel and his madcap associates practice law backwards and upside down. In case after case, they adjudicate no pain for guilty murderers and unbearable pain for innocent unborn babies. One day, judges must regain their senses and reverse themselves. Innocents won’t suffer and guilty human vermin like Morales will be speedily executed. Of course, judges who reverse themselves will be excommunicated from that goofy “Church of Liberalism and Conformity.”

Darrell Watkins live in Kelseyville.