Anisman: Oaks gets higher gas prices


For the last couple of years I have been observing how Tower Mart constantly takes advantage of residents of the Oaks. Tower Mart has three stations in the area, one in Lower Lake, one in Lucerne and one in The Oaks. The Oaks store is always anywhere from five to 15 cents higher a gallon than the other two locations.

Why? Because there is no competition. All the stores are supplied by the same company and I think they are owned by the same person. The delivery costs to the locations have to be the same, but consistently the people in the Oaks are charged more.

On Saturday I went to Lucerne, the Oaks Tower Mart station was $3.25 a gallon and the Lucerne Tower Mart was $3.15 a gallon. Why? The other station in the Oaks, Beacon was $3.49, so no competition there.

I should add that the Beacon Station is always 15 to 20 cents a gallon higher than the Tower Mart, except on Wednesdays, when they have locals appreciation day, then the Beacon Station is at least five cents a gallon cheaper than Tower Mart, on that day only.

In Lucerne the Tower Mart has three other stations as competition, so they keep the price close to the other stations, the same in Lower Lake, but they can charge as they like in the Oaks.

I, for one, prefer to buy locally in the town in which I live. But I refuse to get taken advantage of. I will not buy gas from any Tower Mart, because even if I go to one of the other Tower Marts they are owned by the same person.

I would hope this letter, would make other people aware of how we are being taken advantage of, and you will make some kind of statement, so the owner of Tower Mart will stop biting the hand that could feed him.

Thanks for reading this.

Mike Anisman

Clearlake Oaks