Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Social distancing: USPS says it’s for the dogs, too

The US Postal Service is asking for residents to help them prevent dog bites. Photo courtesy of the USPS.

It’s never too late to teach a dog a new trick.

While dogs may not understand social distancing, it is critical they know how to stay sheltered in place as carriers make critical deliveries.

Starting Jan. 23 through Jan. 29, you may see your local carrier donning a special t-shirt bringing attention to this very critical issue: Preventing dog bites.

This week-long dog bite prevention campaign comes at a time when more Bay Area residents find themselves staying home and the incidents of dog attacks on postal carriers also on the rise.

Children may rush to the door when they see a mail carrier and the household dog usually follows right behind, leaving the carrier vulnerable to a dog attack.

Residents will receive a flyer in the mail as well with helpful tips on how to help prevent dog bites.

As postal carriers in the San Francisco District continue to provide an essential service, the Postal Service wants to make sure carriers are safe and out of harm’s way while making their appointed rounds.

Pet owners are asked to wait for the carrier to leave the area before opening the door to get their mail or package. Too many dogs have slipped between an owner’s legs while the door is open and attacking the carrier. Dogs should be restrained and/or kept in another room as mail carriers make personal deliveries.

If dogs are outside, make sure they are properly restrained and out of reach of a mail carrier. If the carrier deems the residence unsafe due to an unrestrained dog, delivery will be interrupted and will not resume until carriers have assurance the dog will be restrained. During that time, individuals will have to pick up their mail at a post office.

If you can’t restrain your dog, you may find your mail socially distanced from you.

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