4-H profiles: Evans learns new skills in 4-H


4-Her Haydn Evans with one of his sheep. Courtesy photo.

LOWER LAKE – My name is Hadyn Evans and I am a first year member of Anderson Marsh 4-H Club in Lower Lake. I have been working hard to get my projects ready for the Lake County Fair. The fair will be held Aug. 28-31 in Lakeport.

The best part of the summer for 4-Hers and Future Farmers of America members is the Junior Livestock Auction held Saturday, Aug. 30 at the Baldwin Livestock Pavilion at 1 p.m. Raising livestock is a huge commitment of time and money for us kids. I am planning on showing a market pig, market lamb, breeding sheep and chickens.

In March, I visited a pig farm and choose two pigs for my pig project. I am going to sell one pig and keep one pig for my family’s freezer.

I feed my pigs twice each day. I check them often throughout the day, especially when it gets really hot, to make sure they are comfortable. My pigs enjoy an afternoon shower to cool off. I let my pigs out for an evening stroll every night.

Pigs grow really fast. When I first picked my pig, he was about 10 pounds and I could carry him. At fair time, “Scrumptious” will be close to 300 pounds.

I joined 4-H in October, but have had sheep since last July. I bought three breeding ewes and a registered Suffolk ram. In February, my favorite ewe, Tank, had triplets! I will be showing all three lambs at this year’s fair. Two lambs will be kept as future breeding ewes and will be shown this year and next year. The wether lamb, “Charlie” will be my market lamb.

I feed my sheep two times a day. I exercise Charlie every day by riding my bike and leading Charlie. I’m hoping Charlie will be lean by end of summer!

I will also be showing my chickens. I have been raising chickens for five years. My favorite part of raising chickens is cooking myself a farm fresh fried egg sandwich!

In January, I went to Stockton to show my Black Old English Bantam chickens and compete in showmanship at the annual Pacific Poultry Breeder Show. I was happy to bring home a second place ribbon in Novice Showmanship.

I love learning about all the different breeds of poultry and hatching chicks. I will be showing chicks I hatched in an incubator last year.

I have had fun this year in 4-H. My 4-H club, Anderson Marsh, is also in its first year. The club meets the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Clearlake Callyomi Masonic Lodge in Clearlake. I’m the sergeant-at-arms and help the president in maintaining order and setting up the meeting hall. My other projects are shooting and outdoor adventure.

I’m looking forward to showing at the Ukiah Fair, Aug. 7-10, and the Boonville Fair, Sept. 12-14.

Taking care of my animals has helped me learn responsibility, record keeping and many new things.

With the money from selling my market animals, I plan to buy breeding sheep and chickens, a kennel for my new hunting dog, and maybe a gas power RC car. I enjoy fishing and hunting with my family. When I grow up I want to be a state trapper.


4-H Youth Development is a program of the University of California Cooperative Extension. For more information on the 4-H program contact U.C. Cooperative Extension, 883 Lakeport Blvd., Lakeport, 263-6838.



Haydn also enjoys raising chickens. Courtesy photo.