Spring Valley deals with mosquito infestation

SPRING VALLEY – The Spring Valley subdivision of Clearlake Oaks has been Dealing with an infestation of mosquitoes.

Vector Control (previously mosquito abatement) tested for the little critters, and discovered that the traps caught the largest number of inland floodwater mosquitoes that they had seen in a long time.

This particular mosquito larva is laid in flood ponds, but can hibernate in the dry pond soil For up the three years, then hatches the next time the pond is filled with water. They love to bite humans, and can fly up to five miles to find a victim.

Spring Valley is the only area in Lake County with this problem, so Vector Control began spraying along the roadways very early in the morning (like at 2 a.m.) to try to control the situation.

Their first spraying on June 13 reduced the number in the traps by 50 percent. They may have to spray through August.

The residents are very happy to have some relief from the swarms of mosquitoes that they were dealing with whenever they went outside.

Win Cary lives in Spring Valley.