Garden club efforts benefit National Forest


Ann Blue, Clear Lake Trowel and Trellis Garden Club, is the Penny Pines chairman. Photo courtesy of Thelma Dangel.


LAKE COUNTY – Ann Blue, Clear Lake Trowel and Trellis Garden Club, Penny Pines chairman, presented an expanded Reforestation and Restoration Program that is statewide. This program is a statewide program sponsored by California Garden Club Inc. to which the club belongs.

California Garden Club Inc. has established a restricted fund to be used for California US Department of Agriculture's Forest Service in the $5,000 to $20,000 range.



Each month members donate extra funds in the range of extra pennies as they bring a cut of flowers or other plants to show. The funds grow to an amount of $100 when that amount is reached.

Trowel and Trellis members voted to participate in the program and made the first $100 donation which is donated each time. The club has supported the Penny Pines Program since 1990.

Every $68 donation will plant approximately 350 seedlings on one acre of burned area in the Mendocino Forest.

For more information on these programs, you may contact Ann Blue at 263-5854.

Come visit the group at Scotts Valley Women's Club House, 2298 Hendricks Road, Lakeport on the third Tuesday of the month at l2:30 p.m., or check out the group's Web at

Other associates are Mendo-Lake District; California Garden Club Inc.; Pacific Region and National Garden Clubs Inc.