New bill creates better business license process for veterans

SACRAMENTO The Assembly Business and Professions Committee approved a bill by Assemblywoman Patty Berg that would make it easier for California’s veterans to set up local businesses.

Assembly Bill 1952 repairs an imbalance that for decades has existed between cities and counties, in which each follows a different set of rules for waiving business license fees for veterans.

“One small change will help end confusion with the business license fee waivers for veterans,” said Berg, D-Eureka. “Veterans don’t deserve the run-around when it comes to their benefits.”

Cities and counties use two different laws to waive business license fees for veterans. Under current law, cities only waive business license fees for honorably discharged disabled veterans and counties waive business license fees for all honorably discharged veterans.

“We have a quirk between the two existing laws,” said Berg. “Let’s make this a clear process for veterans.”

The North Coast Journal detailed one veteran’s plight to obtain a city business license waiver and the confusion that ensued because a flaw in the law.

The bill now goes to the Assembly Veteran Affairs Committee.