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‘Old Dads’ spoofs cultural grievances; ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ on TV


If you have ever watched stand-up comedian Bill Burr on any of his comedy specials found on streaming services, you have a good idea of how his angry-man persona delivering the zingers that upset the easily offended remains his schtick in “Old Dads” now running on Netflix.

Middle-aged and married to a much younger wife Leah (Katie Aselton), Burr’s Jack Kelly is a father to a preschool son at an elite school run by the unbearable Dr. Lois Schmieckel-Turner (Rachael Harris). Confrontation with the principal’s political correctness is inevitable.

Jack ends up in hot water when he takes crass umbrage to the principal berating him for being two minutes late to pick up his son. A torment of verbal abuse puts him in the uncomfortable spot of having to make amends, lest his child fails to get a coveted recommendation to a private grade school.

Meanwhile, Jack and his two partners, Connor (Bobby Cannavale) and Mike (Bokeem Woodbine), sell their sportswear company and stay on as employees answering to insufferable millennial CEO Aspen Bell (Miles Robbins) who views the trio as unhip dinosaurs.

Divorced with sons in college, Mike thinks his life is unraveling when his much-younger girlfriend Britney (Reign Edwards) gets pregnant. Desperately trying to be young and hip, Connor deals with a nightmarishly bratty preschool son and overbearing wife Cara (Jackie Thon).

As family and business woes pile up, the trio decides to go on a road trip to Vegas but only make it so far as Palm Desert, where hijinks ensue while partying with strippers and engaging in general misbehavior.

Much of what happens involves the three buddies acting out their amusing man-child aggressions, ranting about parking spaces, scooters hogging the road, and PC culture. It’s mostly Jack, though, with comical anger management issues.

Granted, the three old guys yell and loudly curse to such an extent that some may find the comedy to be exceedingly vulgar and ill-mannered. The gauge of willingness to enjoy “Old Dads” will be familiarity as well as delight in Bill Burr’s outrageous, overblown biting humor.


A staple of police shows is often the “good cop, bad cop” routine to interrogate suspects. For the six-episode series on ID TV, “Good Cop, Bad Cop” takes on a completely different connotation.

Retired detective Garry McFadden, a highly decorated veteran of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina, worked over 800 homicide cases and never lost a homicide case during a trial.

With his stellar career in police work, McFadden is a perfect choice to host a series that recounts the pursuits of detectives to solve a complicated murder investigation with a startling twist: the perpetrator is a fellow member of law enforcement.

The synopses for episodes that start on Sunday, Nov. 12, are intriguing. In “Hunting Ground,” San Diego is in a state of panic after discovering the body of Cara Knott tossed over a highway bridge.

With dead-end leads and the city demanding answers, police must work quickly while leaving no stone unturned to bring this monster to justice.

A city’s worst fear comes to fruition when the body of University of Toledo sorority sister turns up riddled with bullets on campus in the “Handcuffs” episode. The investigation’s findings shock the community and test the public’s faith in law enforcement.

“Did You Kill Your Wife” episode finds state troopers arriving at the scene of a woman shot to death in her bed. They rule it suicide, but a tenacious detective reopens the case decades later. Modern forensics, a double life and new witnesses turn the facts of the case on its head.

When police in Jacksonville, Florida discover Sami Safar’s corpse, they have no idea of the scale of criminality they stumbled upon in the “Blind Spot” episode. The murder of a hardworking Syrian immigrant unravels a web of theft and violence spanning years.

In “Ticking time Bomb,” a woman’s corpse is found in flames outside of Atlanta. Police use surveillance footage to witness the victim’s last moment, including getting into the car that would take her to her death and ultimately lead police to her killer.

The last episode lands on Sunday, December 17th, with “Hunting the Hunter.” Calls flood into the Silverton PD dispatch about a man shooting Rashawn Berry in broad daylight and fleeing the scene.

A key piece of surveillance footage on the killer’s escape route shows that a broken heart could be at the center of this violent act.

Featuring interviews with those closely connected to the case and expert insight from the host, who solved hundreds of cases in his career, “Good Cop, Bad Cop” stories reveal just how difficult and dangerous it is when the killer is on the inside.

Staged and covered-up crime scenes make the investigations all the more complex. But these dedicated detectives are committed to capturing the criminals and bringing them to justice, no matter the cost or badge they wear.

Tim Riley writes film and television reviews for Lake County News.

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