Wednesday, 07 December 2022

New redevelopment bills become law


SB 1206 (Sen. Christine Kehoe, D-San Diego area) requires findings of blight to be based on clearly articulated and documented evidence, and would add an additional finding and determination that the implementation of the redevelopment plan will improve the physical and economic conditions of blight in the project area. A Redevelopment Agency (RDA) must, no later than 45 days before a hearing, deliver a copy of the preliminary report and notice of the date of the hearing to the State Department of Finance and the Department of Housing and Community Development for an estimate of the proposed plan's effect upon the General Fund.

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AB 773 (Gene Mullin, D-South San Francisco) allows voters in all cities and counties who would be affected by a redevelopment ordinance up to 90 days to gather signatures to qualify a referendum on the ordinance. Cities and counties with fewer than 500,000 population previously had a 30-day limit.

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SB 53 (Kehoe) requires a redevelopment agency to place a description of the agency's program for acquiring real property by eminent domain in its redevelopment plan and prohibits a redevelopment agency from amending its plan to extend the timeline to use blight unless the redevelopment agency can make a new finding of blight. An agency's program to acquire real property by eminent domain may be changed only by amending the redevelopment plan, pursuant to Article 12 of the California Health & Safety Code.

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