Eleven Wiggins bills await governor's final decision

SACRAMENTO – The office of North Coast Senator Patricia Wiggins (D-Santa Rosa) reports that 11 of her bills were approved by the legislature and sent to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his consideration. Three others already have been signed into law.

“I thank my colleagues in both houses for their support on my bills, which cover a range of topics that are important to the people of the 2nd Senate District,” Wiggins said. “I also appreciate the fact that the Governor has already signed three of my bills into law, which gives me hope that he will sign the others as well.”

In numerical order, the Wiggins bills awaiting a decision by Schwarzenegger are as follows:


The three Wiggins bills already signed into law by the governor are SB 106 (ratifying the gaming compact between the Yurok Tribe and the state), SB 556 (establishing the Light Brown Apple Moth Act of 2007 and establishing a program to fund eradication activities), and SB 813 (clarifying portions of the state election code).

In addition, Wiggins has a number of bills that are still alive and will be carried over into 2008, among them:


Visit Wiggins' Web site at http://dist02.casen.govoffice.com/.