Saturday, 17 April 2021

Bordisso: Pyska is highly qualified and prepared

It is so disappointing for me to see Bill Kearney’s latest letter to the editor (Kearney: Wanting to make Lake an even better county, Oct. 20).

Kearney states, "I didn't send the negative flyer recently. My campaign did ..." Shouldn't someone running for an important office know what they are mailing out to the citizens of Lake County? Not taking responsibility for his own mailing is alarming.

He then goes on to blame his opponent's committee for interfering with his radio show. FCC guidelines are quite clear and require equal air time for all candidates. It is common practice for candidates who host radio programs to step away from their radio shows while campaigning for a public office. I'm sure he can resume his talk show on Nov. 4, blaming others shows a lack of awareness of what is involved in running for and holding a public office.

Running a winning campaign requires putting in the time and effort to understand in-depth the issues that impact the community and developing innovative, workable approaches. It’s not enough to just bring up issues – a candidate must be able to offer informed solutions and lead teams to successfully implement them. It takes relevant experience and hard work.

I am very impressed with Jessica Pyska's ideas, work and vision that were communicated in the candidate forum. Jessica Pyska is a highly qualified and prepared candidate for supervisor.

Kearney raising false allegations repeatedly, not taking responsibility for his campaign’s actions, and promoting issues without giving specifics on solutions is not a winning formula to sway Lake County District 5 voters.

That’s why I am so enthusiastically supporting Jessica Pyska for supervisor for District 5.

Pamela Bordisso lives in Kelseyville, California.

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