Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Baumann: May 14 debate made clear case for Susan Krones to be our next DA

Monday evening's debate between district attorney candidates Susan Krones and Steve Brown was instructive. I thought it was clear that Krones is eminently qualified for the job, while Brown is not qualified.

My respect for Krones increased because she lacks the glitter and glam of a professional politician. I sense a natural humility that makes grandstanding uncomfortable for her. Her authenticity of demeanor charmed me.

Krones is so eminently qualified (25 years in the local DA office, prior experience as a US Army judge advocate general attorney, a quality education from a well-respected law school, and over 100 jury trials under her belt), that someone listening to her opponent, Brown, brashly inflate his thin resume might wonder what makes such an inexperienced person feel entitled to take over the DA office as boss.

Perhaps the explanation was in his opening remarks: “My family has been in Lake County for five generations.”

He spoke as if this announcement warranted admiration, but he lost me there. (Yes, he lost me even before he said rape is difficult to prosecute because there are no witnesses, or that the reason he has no jury trial experience is because he has been so amazingly awesome at avoiding jury trials … Even before he made it clear he either does not understand the real concerns of "conflict of interest" – or he thinks we voters don't understand the concept.)

I wasn't raised in one zip code, myself. I was a military brat. Every few years, my family moved to a new place. Every few years, we kids were yanked out of familiar waters and tossed into the deep end of a strange new pool, to sink or swim! We learned new ways, made new friends, and adapted. As an adult, I can usually sense when I meet another military brat. Confidence, character-strength, resilience and adaptability are hallmarks of that nomadic upbringing. We learned to make our own way in the world.

I'm not saying that adults living within the protection zone of their family’s sphere of influence is a bad thing … but neither is it laudable. It is just a choice.  

Twelve years ago, I made the choice to move to Lake County. I have come to love this place. At the same time, as someone who has travelled the world and experienced many different places, I see opportunity for this county to improve.

With a mere 25 years' residency, Susan Krones can also be considered a newcomer. Lake County will benefit from her experienced yet objective outlook, focused on a system that has been entrenched in old ways for too long. She can help make this a better place for everyone – for those who have been here for generations, and for those who moved here recently.

All should be equal, in the eyes of the law.  

I am confident that District Attorney Susan Krones will create an environment of careful, intelligent, skilled, ethical jurisprudence for all in Lake County.

Deb Baumann lives in Upper Lake, Calif.

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