How to add a business listing


To add a business listing you must first be a registered user. Once you have registered and confirmed your registration via the automatic email response you receive from the site you can add business listings. 

1) Log on to the site.

2) Visit the Business Directory link and click on Add Entry.

3) Put in your company name and the other necessary info for people to find and contact your business.

4) Create your listing. The listing can contain html code so you can insert pictures, links and formatting with ease.

5) Do you have a logo? If you do you can upload that and an icon to help differentiate your business.

6) Add some 'Meta Keywords' to help your business listing come up in searches. Keywords might include your products, services, location or business name separated by commas.

7) Add a 'Meta Description' by writing a sentence or two that capture what you do in a short paragraph.

8) Select a category for your business. Don't see an appropriate category? Let us know and we'll create one for you if it makes sense to do that.

9) Agree to the terms of the site so we aren't responsible for any claims you make.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties with this and we'll sort it out.

Thanks and good luck with your business, if you are interested in advertising your business further please check out our advertising example page at and get in touch with John Jensen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (707) 349-8963.