Readership and Reach


When you're considering your ad mix you'll be interested to know how many people you're reaching and where they are, Lake County News is anything but a 'local only' publication. During the past ten years LCN has built a large wide reaching audience in Lake County, regionally and beyond. The information on this page will provide you with useful insight in targeting your ad dollars.

According to independent, third party Google Analytics LCN serves approximately 2.5 million sessions each year while annual users number over 650,000. There are typically between 50 and 500 people on the site at any given moment depending on time of day and what's going on here at the moment. Major breaking news stories result in readership spikes close of 1,000 concurrent visitors or more.


LCN is read daily in Lake County, around California and across the US. Typical reach includes local population areas and metros around the state where people have an interest in following what is going on in Lake County, California. These people are family, friends, sporting enthusiasts, wine tasters and others who can benefit from knowing about your business or event.

The top visiting areas to the site from California are: 


Are there customers you'd like to reach in these areas? 

To learn more about how LCN can benefit your business or event and get a quote on and outstanding ad package, please contact Ad Director John Jensen.