Essential info for placing an ad


Placing an ad on LCN is simple, there are just a few things we'd need to gather in order to get your ad posted promptly. We're typically able to start an ad on very short notice once we've got the items listed here.

The essential elements to get your ad campaign started:

Ad collateral:

This is the artwork, typically a jpg image file. Click here for ad collateral specifications if you'll be designing your own ad. We can also design an ad for you for a nominal fee.

Landing page:

This is where the ad will link to, please make sure your link works before sending it over. We don't recommend Facebook pages because not everyone has a Facebook account. If you don't have a website we can provide a free business listing to act as a landing page that you can edit yourself at your discretion. 

Billing contact info:

Once we've established an ad campaign we'll send your invoice via email so we need to know who to send it to.

Start date/time:

Generally we can schedule your campaign same day as long as we have the above details covered.